a) NO CASH REFUNDS- In case of cancellation made 15 days prior to the makeup/service data, we adjust your advance payment for any other services/products taken from the studio.

b) If the booking is canceled less than 15 days before the makeup/service date, there will be no refund or services provided and the advance money will not be adjusted with any other service.

2) WE DON'T GIVE TRIAL MAKEUPS/HAIRSTYLES. However, if you wish to see the makeup done by us, you can take an appointment and see a bride who is getting ready at the studio.

3) WE HAVE A STRICT NO DISCOUNT POLICY. We don't compromise on our quality so please don't ask us to compromise on our prices. We operate on a total FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis and please do not embarrass us by giving references.

4) WE DO NOT ALLOW OUTSIDE PHOTOGRAPHERS. If you want your candid photo-shoot, you can book our in-house photographer.

5) All the RELATIVES AND FRIENDS who come to drop the bride are requested not to stay back in the studio as it breaks the concentration or the makeup artist and hairstylist.

6) All the clients are requested to clear the balance before the makeup/service starts.

7) The official timing of the studio is 11 am to 8 pm. Any client coming to avail services before and after this time has to pay the overtime at Rs 300 per hour. ALL BRIDES WAITING AFTER THE STUDIO CLOSES WILL ALSO BE LIABLE TO PAY THIS CHARGE.

8) THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF are NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PERSONAL BELONGINGS. Please take care of your jewelry, cash, clothes and other valuable belongings while you are in the studio. Although the entire studio is CCTV monitored and we provide you with lockers in the changing room, we do not take responsibility for any item that gets lost.

9) Clients are not allowed to use their own cosmetics in the studio.

10) For all outstation/venue makeup, clients are requested to clear the entire balance before our staff leaves for their place. Proper AC travel, stay and meals arrangements are to be made for the staff.

11) For all jewelry booked through the studio, we take security money of equal amount of the rent along with an original ID Proof which will be refunded to you once the jewelry is returned in the condition that it was taken.

12) WE DO NOT SPECIFY THE NAME OF OUR MAKEUP ARTIST-SENIOR/JUNIOR. However, we assure that your makeup is done perfectly.

13) Please be on time for your services, A half an hour delay from your end could end up getting
you over two hours late in getting ready, also the preference would be given to the one who
made it on time. If you have booked makeup by BHAAVYA KAPUR , delay after a certain period
of time downgrades your makeup, the decision of the management will be the final decision.

14) All hair accessories (except pins), i.e. real flowers have to be brought by the clients, or else
the artificial hair accessories/hair extensions have to be purchased from the studio, it is not
included in the cost of the makeup.

15)Please ensure that your clothes are fitting properly. It is advised to try on all your outfits two
days prior to the function to avoid last minutes delays.

As most of you must have noticed, the managers, workers and the entire BK team try to work very hard and live up to each and every client's expectations. However, it can be very stressful for us during the wedding season with the staff working for over 12 hours a day. My staff is like family to me and nobody would like a family member to be insulted, scolded or humiliated by clients for a mistake that they unintentionally made. Using abusive language threatening the staff or shouting is something I don't take at all. If you do not like any service, be it makeup, hairstyle or draping, we will be happy to do it all over again for you until you are satisfied with the staff as they are with you. This helps in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the studio. Have a great wedding and look pretty!!!!