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You may able to get the perfect professionals in the hair cutting, hair coloring as well as styling hair in order to improve or preserve a person's beautiful look. Hairdressers are also called to as hairstylists. Hairdressing is a good reputation as well as the well-established career that is good-looking to many people because of the high insist and elasticity of the operations.

A hair stylist will naturally address all the things connected to the look, styling, as well as the groom of hair on the skull. Here we listen to the customer first, as well as make sure that they have an apparent perceptive and expectation of the preferred results. Hairdressers will frequently refer to the photograph as well as the pictures in attractiveness and style magazine to imagine the look preferred by the client. They must carry on with their preparation as well as the education in order to be capable to provide the clients the latest style or haircut.

Chrome Nails 100 Per Nail
Ombre Nails 100 Per Nail
Glitter On Nail Paint 80 Per Nail
Basic Nail Art 75 Per Nail
Glitter with Swarovski 100 Per Nail
Ombre Gel 200 Per Nail
3D Flower 150-250 Per Nail
Nail Polish Application 200
French Nail Polish Application 300
Printing 100-400
Nail Accessories 100-350 per nail
Stones 30-350 per nail
Wire 80
Stickers 80
Permanent Gel Nail Polish 1000 Hand
Permanent Gel Nail Polish 800 Feet
Permanent French Nail Polish 1000 Hand
Permanent French Nail Polish 800 Feet
Natural 1800 Hand
Natural 1800 Feet
French 2000 Hand
French 2000 Feet
Acrylic Natural 2000 Hand
Acrylic Natural 2000 Feet
Acrylic French 2500 Hand
Acrylic French 2500 Feet
Nail Extension Removal 600
Gel Polish Removal With Soak Off Solution 500
Natural 3000 Hand
Natural 2500 Feet
French/Permanent Color 3000 Hand
French/Permanent Color 2500 Feet
Acrylic Natural 3000 Hand
Acrylic Natural 2500 Feet
Acrylic French 3500 Hand
Acrylic French 3000 Feet
Gel Overlay 1800
Gel Overlay 2000
Package 1 6000 Duration: 3 Months
Package 2 11000 Duration: 6 Months
Package 3 18000 Duration: 12 Months

*GST to be charged separately.

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