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Beauty & Hair Removal Services in Lucknow

Let us make something very very clear "Your Skin" as you should take time to make your skin happy and We at Bhaavya Kapur beleive that Beautiful skin starts with great skincare. We are one stop shop for everything in regards to your skincare and Let us take care of you while you are busy taking care of others as good skincare helps your skin stay in good condition: You're shedding skin cells throughout the day, so it's important to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. An effective routine of Skincare at our Studio can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

Upper Lip 20.00 Thread
Upper Lip 60.00 Wax
Chin 30.00 Thread
Chin 50.00 Wax
Forehead 50.00 Thread
Forehead 100.00 Wax
Side Lock 50.00 Thread
Side Lock 80.00 Wax
Eyebrows 50.00 Thread
Eyebrows 100.00 Wax
Full Face 150.00 Thread
Full Face 350.00 Wax
Underarms Waxing 150.00 Normal
Underarms Waxing 250.00 Rica
Neckline Waxing 150.00 Normal
Neckline Waxing 250.00 Rica
Half Hands Waxing 350.00 Normal
Half Hands Waxing 450.00 Rica
Half Legs Waxing 400.00 Normal
Half Legs Waxing 500.00 Rica
Bikini Line Waxing 300.00 Normal
Bikini Line Waxing 400.00 Rica
Abdomen Waxing 400.00 Normal
Abdomen Waxing 500.00 Rica
Full Hands Waxing 400.00 Normal
Full Hands Waxing 500.00 Rica
Back Waxing 500.00 Normal
Back Waxing 700.00 Rica
Full Legs Waxing 500.00 Normal
Full Legs Waxing 700.00 Rica
Brazilian Waxing 1,200.00 Normal
Brazilian Waxing 1,700.00 Rica
Full Body (Including Bikini Line) Waxing 2,200.00 Normal
Full Body (Including Bikini Line) Waxing 3,000.00 Rica
Underarms 150.00 Bleach
Underarms 200.00 D-Tan
Face,Neck, Back (Blouse Line) 400.00 Bleach
Face,Neck, Back (Blouse Line) 500.00 D-Tan
Hands 300.00 Bleach
Hands 400.00 D-Tan
Half Legs 400.00 Bleach
Half Legs 500.00 D-Tan
Full Body 2,000.00 Bleach
Full Body 2,500.00 D-Tan
Abdomen 400.00 Bleach
Abdomen 500.00 D-Tan
Half Back 400.00 Bleach
Half Back 500.00 D-Tan
Back 500.00 Bleach
Back 600.00 D-Tan
Legs 500.00 Bleach
Legs 600.00 D-Tan
Lotus Citrus Manicure 700.00
Cuccio Luxurious Manicure 1,800.00
Lotus Luxurious Manicure 1,200.00
Exclusive Bomb Manicure 1,600.00
Alga Manicure 1,500.00
Lotus Citrus 800.00
Cuccio Luxurious Pedicure 2,000.00
Lotus Luxurious Pedicure 1,400.00
Exclusive Bomb Pedicure 1,800.00
Alga Pedicure 1,700.00
Kanpeki D-tan 750.00
Face & Neck 1,000.00
Half Front 750.00
Full Front 1,000.00
Half Back 750.00
Full Back 1,000.00
Arms 750.00
Under Arms 350.00
Arms & Under Arms 1,000.00
Half Legs 1,000.00
Legs 1,250.00
Full Body 3,000.00
Full Body 2,200.00 Normal
Full Body 3,000.00 Rica
Brazilian 1,200.00 Normal
Brazilian 1,700.00 Rica
Full Legs 500.00 Normal
Full Legs 700.00 Rica
Full Back 500.00 Normal
Full Back 700.00 Rica
Full Front 500.00 Normal
Full Front 700.00 Rica
Abdomen 400.00 Normal
Abdomen 500.00 Rica
Full Hands 400.00 Normal
Full Hands 500.00 Rica
Half Legs 400.00 Normal
Half Legs 500.00 Rica
Half Hands 350.00 Normal
Half Hands 450.00 Rica
Half Back 300.00 Normal
Half Back 500.00 Rica
Bikini Line 300.00 Normal
Bikini Line 400.00 Rica
Neckline 150.00 Normal
Neckline 250.00 Rica
Under Arms 150.00 Normal
Under Arms 250.00 Rica

*GST to be charged separately.

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